Pilot Unloader with Check Valve 30 CFM 1/2" Outlet

Pilot Unloader with Check Valve 30 CFM 1/2" Outlet
Item# NG-29-M
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Product Description

Conrader NG-19-M pilot unloader valve

This pilot unloader valve is a port unloader and check valve in one unit. The pilot unloader is designed for gasoline engine powered compressors, but could be used on constant run electric motor compressors. WILL NOT turn electric motor on and off.

The unloader is preset at 125 psi on, 150 psi off and may be adjusted to higher or lower settings.

Unloader includes:

Manual "flip over" hand unloader for easier gas engine starting.

1/8 inch NPT throttle control port. Engine throttle controller sold separately.

Inlet 3/4 inch Male compression flare type fitting (Pump side)

Outlet 1/2 inch Male NPT outlet (Tank side)

Side mounted discharge port with screen muffler

Pump's air pressure is vented outside the tank when unloaded which means you don't need unloader valves in the cylinder head of the pump.

Includes check valve. Screws into 1/2 inch NPT tank, 3/4 inch flare type fitting for line from compressor pump.

30 CFM maximum