Pilot Unloader 20 CFM 1/4" NPT

Pilot Unloader 20 CFM 1/4" NPT
Item# 131B-BG2-M
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Product Description

Conrader 131B-BG2-M PVM Vented Unloader


Fits some Rollair compressors. Will not work on most other compressors without some plumbing changes.

Requires a tee fitting in your compressor's discharge line and compressor must have a check valve in the tank.

The tank IS NOT filled by the pump through this style of fitting.

Adjustable on, off pressure is preset at the factory to 125 psi on, 150 psi off.

1/4 Inch Male NPT threads screw into the tank.

1/4 Inch female NPT fitting on port or vented side.

1/4 Inch female NPT pipe thread engine throttle controller port.

Use on gas powered or constant run electric compressors. Will not turn electric motor on and off.

Port unloader can pass 20 cubic feet per minute maximum for 5.5hp gas or 2hp electric or smaller constant run compressors.

Flip over style hand unloader makes it easier for your motor to start. Once engine or motor starts, flip the unloader to the postion shown in the picture to begin filling the tank with air.

This is an oem replacement part for some Rollair compressors. IT WILL NOT work with most other pumps unless you make some plumbing changes.

Please email us at apdpowercenter at yahoo.com or call us at 480 838-7472 for more details.

Very similar to our 131B-BG1-M. The 131B-BG1-M has a male compression fitting instead of a female NPT fitting on the port side of the unloader. Click the link below to see the 131B-BG1-M, which is a stocking item and ships in two to three days.